Under consideration PE2057: Promote shared parenting and prevent the separation of children from their parents

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to:

  • ensure the frequency and duration of parental contact is equal;

  • promote the use of parenting agreements;

  • require that evidence of accusations from one parent to another are provided within 14 days of any civil action; and

  • raise public awareness of the importance of both parents in a child’s life.

Previous action taken

I have contacted George Adams who has advised that I should start a petition.

Background information

The purpose of this petition is not to take any of the necessary protection away but to prevent the abuse of the current systems that are knowingly abused to alienate children and keep them away from their parents.

Both parents have an equal responsibility and right to be involved in the upbringing of their child and should be encouraged to participate fully in their child's life even if this is done separately. Parents should be encouraged to have a meaningful relationship with their child and to share equally in the responsibilities and joys of parenting unless it is contrary to the best interests of the child.

Prima Facie can be used as the method to prevent a parent form being with their children, because court can take a very long time this can and, in my experience, will cause alienation of the child. Forcing a short time period would help to prevent the abuse of the current system and I hope help stop solicitors who may take advantage of the current systems to protect children.

  • Created by John McMaster
  • Considered from 26 October 2023
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