Under consideration PE2061: Require solicitors to ensure capacity of vulnerable individuals by having a medical professional co-sign legal documents

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to help prevent coercion of vulnerable, frail, and debilitated individuals by requiring solicitors to have a medical professional co-sign legal documents confirming the capacity of the individual.

Previous action taken

I have contacted MSPs Keith Brown and Jim Fairlie. Keith Brown responded to say he has written to the Cabinet Secretary for Justice and Home Affairs to highlight our campaign and seek the Scottish Government’s view on this proposed change.

Background information

Our dad was terminally ill in the high dependency unit of Perth Royal Infirmary, when during his final days his solicitor along with his business partner presented him with legal documents to sign. These documents affected the value of our dad’s estate, consuming his final moments and the little time we had with him.

We took the matter to the Law Society of Scotland, and the solicitor was found guilty of 5 counts of misconduct and received a £5000 fine. During the tribunal, part of the defence was that the solicitor didn't have to ensure dad's capacity in the same way as he would have to in England, where they have a "golden rule" to ensure any frail or extremely sick person has to get a medical professional to co-sign legal documents to guarantee capacity and confirm there has been no coercion.

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