Closed petition PE2063: Increase funding for local authorities to enable better management and protection of conservation areas

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to provide additional funding to all local authorities in Scotland, enabling them to better manage and protect the character and appearance of designated conservation areas.

Previous action taken

We have contacted a number of local authorities who have stated they do not have the funds available to maintain conservations areas to the standard required; never mind to preserve or enhance them.

We have also corresponded with Sandesh Gulhane MSP and Paul Sweeney MSP.

Background information

Historic conservation areas throughout Scotland are falling into disrepair.

We understand the challenges faced by both national and local government in managing limited funding, however, current funding for conservation areas is insufficient. We kindly request that the Scottish Government address the specific concerns raised regarding the funding for conservation areas.

Residents at one conservation area - the Park Conservation Area in Glasgow - recently asked why works were not carried out in accordance with their area’s appraisal document. Glasgow City Council advised they do not have the funds for this work. As a result, the area’s history is being slowly eroded.

Preserving historic areas throughout Scotland is not merely an act of conservation, but testament to our collective identity and cultural diversity. Safeguarding these spaces helps honour the voices of our ancestors, celebrate the triumphs and lessons of history, and inspire future generations with a profound sense of belonging and continuity.

  • Created by David Walsh - Park Preservation Patrons
  • Date closed 20 March 2024

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