Under consideration PE2065: Improve and prioritise pedestrian safety

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to improve and prioritise safety for pedestrians by:

  • widening pavements and reducing street clutter

  • introducing a mechanism to report pavement parking

  • improving visibility of pedestrian crossings.

Previous action taken

I have raised the issue of increased safety measures and consideration for those with greater accessibility needs with MPs and MSPs, specifically in their constituencies where dangers for pedestrians have been prolific and fatal.

Background information

This report, written by Sustrans together with ARUP and Living Streets, published in 2022, calls for Government action to stop cars, cycles and e-scooters encroaching on pavement space.


Transport for All has campaigned for an Equal Pavements Pledge.


  • Created by Shauna Rafferty
  • Considered from 9 November 2023
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