Under consideration PE2081: Make chronic kidney disease a key clinical priority

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to make chronic kidney disease a key clinical priority.

Previous action taken

In January 2023, a Holyrood exhibition invited MSPs to support a national action plan for chronic kidney disease (CKD) in Scotland.

A motion (S6M-07555) to mark the launch of our report Changing the future for chronic kidney disease in Scotland received cross party support from 47 MSPs.

Clinicians, peer educators, and patients took part in a parliamentary roundtable held in March 2023, attended by the then-Minister for Public Health.

In May 2023, we met with the Cabinet Secretary for Health.

Background information

Chronic kidney disease is common, with an estimated 600,000 people affected in Scotland, and can progress to dialysis or transplantation. It is silent, often undetected, and simply not on the agenda to the extent that it should be for policymakers, NHS leaders, and the public.

Ministers say they do not intend to publish more action plans for individual conditions. However, we believe a national Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) action plan, similar to those for diabetes and heart disease (designated ‘clinical priorities’, and risk factors for CKD) is the ONLY way to ensure Scotland implements change to identify those at-risk of CKD, diagnoses CKD earlier, and prevents progression.

We believe the designation of CKD as a clinical priority will lead to the higher level of ministerial oversight and government input needed to achieve better health outcomes for people with kidney disease in Scotland.

  • Created by Professor Jeremy Hughes on behalf of Kidney Research UK in Scotland
  • Considered from 31 January 2024
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