Under consideration PE2082: Improve the support provided to families affected by cot death

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to stop promoting The Lullaby Trust to Scottish families for cot death support, as this charity only provides support to families who live in England and Wales; and improve the practical support available to families by prioritising the promotion of The Scottish Cot Death Trust who have been supporting families since 1985.

Previous action taken

Written to our MSP.

Background information

I am a parent who lost a child to cot death.

When we had another baby, support was provided by The Scottish Cot Death Trust. The Scottish Cot Death Trust hand out free baby monitors to help prevent cot death. They also offer free CPR and first aid training, and access to a Bereavement Support Worker to support families.

Now we have had another child and, on all literature, the Scottish Government promotes The Lullaby Trust, who do not offer support or help to Scottish families, only to those living in England and Wales. What is the point of promoting an England-based charity? As the saying goes “charity begins at home”, but clearly the Scottish Government don’t see this. As a parent of a child who passed with cot death/SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), I am angered our government doesn’t provide more support to a Scotland-based charity. Our NHS in Scotland should not be sending any money south of the border.

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