Under consideration PE2083: Review the rules to ensure that no dog becomes more dangerous as a result of breed specific regulations

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to review The Dangerous Dogs (Designated Types) (Scotland) Order 2024 and ensure that breed specific regulations do not restrict responsible dog owners from undertaking exercise and training routines which support the dog’s welfare and reduce the risk of their dog becoming dangerous.

Background information

To be well adjusted and under its owner's control, an XL Bully needs 2 hours of outdoor exercise daily, both walking to heel on a lead and a small amount of running off-lead. Without the ability to "run off" energy each day, excess energy builds up and a well-adjusted dog can quickly become an anxious dog, resulting in it becoming more dangerous in the home.

Vital control commands cannot be practised effectively on a leash or with a muzzle. A trusting bond is built up between owner and dog through daily off-leash practice of basic recall and other commands including "stop", "leave" (which prevents the dog from picking up an item of interest or chasing potential prey) and "drop it".

It is important that regulations do not curtail these existing successful strategies, which would result in owners losing the level of command, and dogs quickly becoming de-skilled and much more dangerous, not safer.

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  • Considered from 14 February 2024
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