Under consideration PE2086: Recognise the vaccine injured and offer appropriate treatment

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to acknowledge those injured by Covid-19 vaccines and to have the NHS offer appropriate treatment to those who are injured.

Background information

My wife was injured by the Covid-19 vaccine and we had to find a private doctor to help her. Through this journey we met others who had been injured by the vaccines. Most of them have failed to find any help or acknowledgement from the SNHS and have been gaslit by those who are supposed to care for them.

Through this journey we found this group of volunteers


They now hold core participant status in both the UK and Scottish covid enquiries and the number of members continues to grow.

The frustration at being unable to access proper health care has also led to suicides from those injured and it’s now time for our government to give the help needed by people who "did the right thing " and now feel abandoned by their government.

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  • Considered from 28 February 2024
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