Under consideration PE2087: Pass a law making exercising a dog in a cemetery an offence

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to pass a law making exercising a dog in a cemetery an offence punishable by an on the spot fine for infringement.

Background information

I am a father who lost his 3-year-old son in 2020. We live opposite where our son is buried and visit his grave at least once a day. Whilst visiting my son’s grave, my family have witnessed up to 100 people exercising their dogs daily with dogs being let off-lead or on long leads, resulting in them urinating and defecating on graves, including that of my own son, and damaging teddies left by the public.

I have approached dog walkers to explain my issue. Most of the time I have been met with hostility and even threats of violence.

We witness some dog walkers driving to the cemetery, obviously from another area, just to exercise their dog.

Pre-Covid the Edinburgh Council rule was no dogs apart from assistance dogs.

We feel this is not enough of a deterrent, and a law is needed with an exception for dogs with mourners and assistance dogs.

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  • Considered from 28 February 2024
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