Under consideration PE2090: Update the legislation granting permission for Digital Display Boards

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to update the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (Scotland) (Regulations) 1984 to require application for express consent to advertise using a digital display, including where a site has been upgraded from a traditional paper-based display.

Background information

The existing planning laws are not adequate and generally result in a default go ahead for any application covering an existing display site. These display boards are bright, intrusive and affect public amenity. Within 200 yards of my home, there are now four such displays, one in particular is very large and is positioned 20 feet in front of a small row of terraced houses. Another two face across the main road into a residential square, three sides of flatted accommodation. I mention these two examples, along with my own home, as being entirely residential on a street that is also largely residential apart from a short stretch owned by a company. The guidance for applications to upgrade existing display boards to Internally Illuminated Display boards does carry within a proviso that these would normally be granted where the existing boards were in an already busy commercial area. I think I have highlighted that the four around me are clearly not in a busy commercial area. There is no requirement for "neighbours" to be informed in order to object.

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  • Considered from 28 March 2024
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