Under consideration PE2091: Provide funding to have a CAHMS worker and a nurse based within Scottish high schools

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to provide funding to enable a CAHMS worker and a school nurse to be placed within our secondary schools.

Background information

We are a Children's Mental Health Charity who work with families whose children are on waiting lists for CAHMS for anything up to 2 years. This significantly affects their child's education as they refuse to attend school or when they do they struggle and are unable to concentrate or engage.

We believe that access to a CAHMS worker and a nurse in secondary schools will allow children to be identified early when they are struggling with their mental health, and have referrals completed correctly and efficiently. They could also link in with the local primary schools and early education facilities, as early intervention for our children's mental wellbeing is key.

  • Created by Kirsty Solman on behalf of Stand with Kyle Now
  • Considered from 28 March 2024
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