Under consideration PE2107: Use more money recovered from the proceeds of crime to support community-based charities that train animals to assist in the detection of drugs

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to direct more public funding, recovered through the Proceeds of Crime Act, to support charities, such as Dogs Against Drugs, which are vital to their communities and play an integral part in the seizure of drugs and criminal assets.

Background information

Dogs Against Drugs has played an integral part in the seizure of drugs and cash which was destined for Shetland. Other organisations like Orkney Drugs Dogs could also benefit from expanded funding which come from the proceeds of crime.

Information from the Police Scotland Divisional Commander revealed that Dogs Against Drugs had a direct involvement in the seizure of £360,414 of drugs and £14,638 of cash in 2023 across 160 operations. In the previous year, £332,391 of drugs and £28,858 in cash were seized.

As well as detecting illegal and deadly drugs, the charity’s dog handlers visit schools across the isles to teach children about the dangers of drugs.

Dogs Against Drugs are now facing financial difficulty having fallen short of its annual £120,000 running costs by around a quarter. It has let go of one of its three handlers to save costs, meaning fewer opportunities to detect harmful drugs.

Distributing the proceeds of crime more fairly could help reduce these financial pressures.

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  • Considered from 19 June 2024
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