Closed petition PE2052: Ban child circumcision unless it is medically necessary with no less invasive solutions available

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to give boys the same level of bodily autonomy and protection that was given to girls in the Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation (Scotland) Act 2005 which banned all forms of female circumcision.

Previous action taken

I have contacted and raised the issue with Jenny Gilruth MSP and Peter Grant MP during phone calls in previous years and both seemed to agree that boys and girls deserved protection from forced genital cutting.

Background information

There are many men who dislike/hate that their genitalia were altered/damaged unnecessarily in an irreversible manner against their will.

We deemed that girls deserve protection from all forms of forced genital cutting regardless of their parents’ religious/cultural beliefs or aesthetic preferences, boys deserve this same level of protection from forced genital cutting.

The foreskin is a structure of the penis that has both mechanical and biological functions that are beneficial, all of which are lost during circumcision. The vast majority of men who don’t have circumcision forced on them would never opt to cut off their foreskin. If adult males would never want to lose their foreskin then why should it be legal to cut it off minors just because they aren't capable of saying “no”? There is also nothing stopping the very small minority of men who might want to be circumcised from getting circumcised when they are old enough to consent for themselves.

  • Created by Taylor Rooney
  • Date closed 24 January 2024

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