Closed petition PE1984: Introduce the C100 form for child arrangement orders in Scotland

Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to reduce the financial barriers that prevent parents from having contact with their children by introducing a Scottish equivalent to the C100 form, with a fixed fee, for making applications for child residence or child contact orders.

Previous action taken

I have had a face-to-face meeting with Claire Baker MSP. I have also had a meeting with Cllr David Graham.

My previous petition about providing legal aid for parents PE1917 also had support from Relationship Scotland and Shared Parenting Scotland, who all support the fact that financial barriers are having an impact on a child being able to see both of their parents after they break up.

Background information

The C100 form, available in England and Wales, asks for a family court to make a judgement, under Section 8 of the Children's Act 1989, on the parenting arrangements. Having a similar provision in Scotland would support quick resolutions on the contact arrangements for a child and would reduce financial barriers coming in between a child seeing both parents.

I previously submitted a petition to get the Legal Aid Bill changed to include parental responsibilities, but I am aware this would have an impact on the budgets. Having a C100 form in Scotland would still mean that people pay for the service but it wouldn't financially cripple people to the point where they give up and don't get to see or have a relationship with their child/children. It would also cut out the middle-man, saving time and money and supporting the children's needs.

There are too many children growing up without having the love from both parents and we should try to make the process of child contact a little more bearable for the alienated parent.

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  • Date closed 29 May 2024

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