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  1. Request a public inquiry into the management of the rest and be thankful project

    Under consideration from 2 December 2021

  2. Reinstate Caithness County Council and Caithness NHS Board

    Under consideration from 29 December 2021

  3. Ban school uniforms in secondary schools

    Under consideration from 30 November 2021

  4. Fast-track future Adult Disability Payment applications for people undergoing cancer treatment

    Under consideration from 30 November 2021

  5. Funding for council venues

    Under consideration from 14 October 2021

  6. Review of Human Tissue (Scotland) Act 2006 as it relates to post-mortems

    Under consideration from 11 October 2021

  7. Amend the forthcoming legal requirement to have interlinked fire and smoke alarms in small houses

    Closed on 1 July 2022

  8. Remove the "gender-based crime" domestic abuse narrative and make it gender neutral and equal

    Under consideration from 11 October 2021

  9. Review the impact of the vaccine passport regulations

    Closed on 23 November 2021

  10. Provide funded early learning & childcare for all 2-year olds in Scotland

    Under consideration from 26 October 2021

  11. Investigate options for removing and reducing the impact of the central Glasgow section of the M8

    Under consideration from 25 October 2021

  12. Public Inquiry into the response of religious organisations to allegations of child sexual abuse since 1950

    Under consideration from 25 October 2021

  13. Change Scots law to disqualify estranged spouses from making claims on an estate

    Closed on 17 March 2022

  14. To allow an appeal process for Community Participation Requests

    Under consideration from 13 October 2021

  15. Replace the voting system for the Scottish Parliament with a more proportional alternative

    Closed on 31 March 2022

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