The Scottish Parliament is in recess from 29 June to 1 September 2024. We will aim to process petitions as fast as we can.

If your petition is seeking emergency action or an urgent policy change, we would advise you to contact one of your 8 MSPs or the Scottish Government directly. Please be aware that the public petitions process is a thorough and often lengthy process and is not designed to respond to emergencies.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Citizen Participation and Public Petitions Team

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  1. Fund early learning and childcare from 9 months

    Under consideration from 2 July 2024

  2. Protect wild wrasse stocks

    Under consideration from 25 June 2024

  3. Halt any further pump storage hydro schemes on Scottish lochs holding wild Atlantic salmon

    Under consideration from 19 June 2024

  4. Obtain a second medical opinion before detainment under the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003

    Under consideration from 19 June 2024

  5. Use more money recovered from the proceeds of crime to support community-based charities that train animals to assist in the detection of drugs

    Under consideration from 19 June 2024

  6. Prohibit mobile phone use in Scottish schools

    Under consideration from 19 June 2024

  7. Safeguard Scottish Listed Buildings at risk of unnecessary demolition

    Under consideration from 6 June 2024

  8. End the pause on prescribing puberty blockers to children in Scotland

    Under consideration from 29 May 2024

  9. Legislate to standardise the prescribed learning hours for Primary and Secondary schools in Scotland

    Under consideration from 29 May 2024

  10. Require anyone found guilty of rape or sexual assault to be registered as a sex offender

    Under consideration from 29 May 2024

  11. Provide Defibrillators for all Primary and Secondary Schools in Scotland

    Under consideration from 21 May 2024

  12. Ministerial guidance to clarify the criteria for assessing licence applications under section 16 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981

    Under consideration from 14 May 2024

  13. Stop the proposed centralisation of specialist neonatal units in NHS Scotland

    Under consideration from 14 May 2024

  14. Provide essential investment in the Gaelic language to secure its future

    Under consideration from 14 May 2024

  15. Repeal the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021

    Under consideration from 14 May 2024

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