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  1. Ensure accuracy of statements informing Child Welfare Reports

    Under consideration from 4 December 2023

  2. Review and cap public sector senior management salaries

    Under consideration from 15 November 2023

  3. Improve data on young people affected by conditions causing Sudden Cardiac Death

    Under consideration from 14 November 2023

  4. Treat vapes and e-cigarettes like cigarettes and tobacco

    Under consideration from 9 November 2023

  5. Improve and prioritise pedestrian safety

    Under consideration from 9 November 2023

  6. Ensure that under 16s charged with rape are treated as adults in the criminal justice system

    Under consideration from 9 November 2023

  7. Increase funding for local authorities to enable better management and protection of conservation areas

    Under consideration from 8 November 2023

  8. Introduce a National Screening Programme for Prostate Cancer

    Under consideration from 2 November 2023

  9. Require solicitors to ensure capacity of vulnerable individuals by having a medical professional co-sign legal documents

    Under consideration from 2 November 2023

  10. Review existing legislation and legal remedies against trespassers

    Under consideration from 31 October 2023

  11. Ensure pedestrian crossings cannot be disabled without an equivalent safety measure in place

    Under consideration from 26 October 2023

  12. Require all dog boarding kennels to install smoke detectors, smoke alarms and sprinkler systems

    Under consideration from 26 October 2023

  13. Promote shared parenting and prevent the separation of children from their parents

    Closed on 24 January 2024

  14. Introduce legislation allowing Scottish Ministers to intervene on the hire of public land

    Under consideration from 23 October 2023

  15. Stop the exportation of live animals as a priority

    Closed on 24 January 2024

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