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  1. Establish an independent inquiry and an independent national whistleblowing officer to investigate concerns about the alleged mishandling of child safeguarding enquiries by public bodies

    Under consideration from 3 November 2022

  2. Allow raw milk to be sold in Scotland

    Under consideration from 31 October 2022

  3. Require social services to inform biological fathers of concerns about their children

    Under consideration from 3 October 2022

  4. Backdate council tax discounts for dementia to the date of GP certification

    Under consideration from 26 September 2022

  5. Reform the law relating to Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs)

    Under consideration from 20 October 2022

  6. Adopt the A890 as a trunk road

    Under consideration from 19 October 2022

  7. End the use of Sheriffs Discretion when ruling on civil cases and provide clear legal guidance on division of assets.

    Under consideration from 21 September 2022

  8. Allow Assisted Dying for people with long-term mental illness and consenting capacity

    Closed on 10 January 2023

  9. Take Robust Action to Stop Motorcycle Theft

    Under consideration from 19 October 2022

  10. Create an online account for parents to manage the 1140 hours of Early Learning and Childcare funding

    Under consideration from 19 October 2022

  11. Amend the law to fully decriminalise abortion in Scotland

    Under consideration from 21 September 2022

  12. Restrict perpetrators of domestic abuse from using family court proceedings to continue tormenting their victims

    Under consideration from 18 October 2022

  13. Protect Loch Lomond’s Atlantic oakwood shoreline by implementing the High Road option for the A82 upgrade between Tarbet and Inverarnan.

    Under consideration from 18 October 2022

  14. Formally recognise and incorporate local knowledge in Scottish Government policy

    Under consideration from 5 October 2022

  15. Limit estranged couples’ claim on an estate after 7 years of non-medical separation

    Closed on 10 January 2023

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