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  1. Create an Independent Committee to judge whether Scottish Ministers have broken the Ministerial Code

    Closed on 16 March 2023

  2. Make swimming lessons a statutory requirement in the primary school curriculum

    Closed on 25 January 2023

  3. Allow Assisted Dying for people with long-term mental illness and consenting capacity

    Closed on 10 January 2023

  4. Limit estranged couples’ claim on an estate after 7 years of non-medical separation

    Closed on 10 January 2023

  5. Remove the "gender-based crime" domestic abuse narrative and make it gender neutral and equal

    Closed on 10 January 2023

  6. End Conversion Therapy

    Closed on 15 December 2022

  7. Phase in meat production ban by 2040

    Closed on 12 December 2022

  8. Tackle Scotland’s affordable housing crisis

    Closed on 12 December 2022

  9. Improving literacy standards in schools through research-informed reading instruction

    Closed on 29 November 2022

  10. End the installation of new telegraph poles for broadband provision

    Closed on 28 November 2022

  11. Pardon and memorialise those convicted under the Witchcraft Act 1563

    Closed on 28 November 2022

  12. Reinstate Caithness County Council and Caithness NHS Board

    Closed on 21 November 2022

  13. Mandatory accountability for NatureScot's decision making procedures

    Closed on 16 November 2022

  14. Provide clear direction and investment for autism support

    Closed on 16 November 2022

  15. Inquiry into the human rights impact of GIRFEC policy and data processing

    Closed on 7 November 2022

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